Street Signs: Youth Art Project

SEAPARC Recreation Centre 2168 Phillips Rd, Sooke, BC, Canada

About the 2021 SFAS Street Signs Project for Youth


Along the Fraser: Industrial Shoreline in Fabric – An Artist Talk by Susan Purney Mark

The focus of my current work - Along the Fraser – and my Industrial Shoreline series - examines the working harbour, where the industry of shipping goods and products from our factories and fields intersects with the contemporary desire of a playground of beaches and pristine clear waters. The port occupies a special and limited […]

Turning Photographic Caterpillars into Butterflies – An Artist Talk by Craig Harris

In this demonstration, Craig Harris shows the transitions from original photo to final product. A photographic artist, Craig focuses on visual impact via his love of colour. His medium moved from film to digital photography in 2007, using Photoshop Elements, Nic, and Filter Forge to find artistic merit by embracing the ‘lossy’ quality of .jpg […]

What Makes a Great Photograph? – An Artist Talk by Delia McCrae

Nature, landscapes, and the fascinating creatures that inhabit our planet are a primary source for Delia McCrae’s photography. In this artist talk join her as she takes you on a journey to discover what makes a photograph appealing, and above all, memorable and meaningful for the viewer. She will discuss why she is drawn to […]

Living With Your New Art – An Artist Talk by Shannon Lee Rae

Congratulations, you’ve just invested in a beautiful original work of art from the Sooke Fine Arts Show! Now what? This talk will give you some important guidelines on how to care for your new art piece; where and where not to place it; and how to hang or mount it. Examples and practical recommendations will […]

Chicken Wire – A Sculptural Medium? – An Artist Talk by Sheena McCorquodale

In this talk, multi-talented artist and sculptor Sheena McCorquodale will share all you need to know about working with chicken wire as a medium. From the basics (tools required, safety precautions) through discussing how to work with its built in limitations and strengths, Sheena will demonstrate construction using basic cylinder shapes, musculature and skin, how […]

How Does Artwork Draw Us In?

Artist Birgit Coath explores the question: What makes some 2D artwork feel as though your are lured into it? Gain an understanding of what creates depth and discover several tools to help achieve it. Whether you are an artist wanting to hone your skills or an art appreciator wanting to understand why a piece appeals […]

Abstract Painting in Acrylic – An Artist Talk by MaryLou Wakefield

MaryLou Wakefield is an abstract expressionist painter working primarily in acrylic and ink enhanced by oil pastel and other media. She draws inspiration for her art from wild landscapes, architectural forms, design and letter forms. She creates work in layers applying colour over and under shapes and lines and one of a kind marks. Her […]

En Plein Air Auction

Sooke Arts Council Gallery 6596 Sooke Rd #6,, BC, Sooke, BC, Canada

En Plein Air was a fundraising collaboration between the Sooke Arts Council (SAC) and the Sooke Fine Arts Society (SFAS), with generous sponsorship by the Sooke Region Tourism Association (SRTA). The project saw 24 artists working "en plein air" throughout the Sooke region on August 1 & 2, 2021, bringing attention to the wealth of […]



The 2021 Sooke Fine Arts Society Annual General Meeting will take place via Zoom and will include reports from the President and Executive Director about this year's virtual show. Current SFAS members will also be able to vote to elect new board positions. Attendance is via registration. When: Oct 21, 2021 -  6:30 PM PST […]


Street Signs Youth Art Fundraiser Auction


On Artz4Youth day during the 2021 show, with generous support of the CRD Arts Commission, SFAS hosted a live art project for youth involving various styles of street art with the guidance of three artist mentors: Timothy Wilson Hoey and Shawn O’Keefe, and award-winning Sooke youth artist, Axel Tutton. A few of the works created by the […]


2022 Call to Artists Open


The 2022 call for submissions for our main gallery is open from March 15 - May 24, 2022 - click here for more information.