July 23 - Aug 2:

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Artist demonstrations

These artists have created unique video demonstrations for you to enjoy. All artists are exhibiting artists in the 2020 show. Click the + buttons below to reveal each video.

Painting the Beach - Painting with Acrylics - Kerry Seifried

This demo covers the artist’s inspiration and process of working with acrylics. Some of the video will be in time-lapse mode.


Creating Serigraphs - Andrea Fritz

Andrea is an acrylic and serigraph indigenous artist. This video outlines her process for creating a serigraph piece such as included in this year’s show. 


Painting Fur in Acrylics - Jen Wright

This video outlines the artist’s process of painting fur in acrylics, and answers the questions that she most commonly gets asked in live demos. (25 mins)


Creating Custom Glass Panels - Bill Jamieson

For this demonstration, Bill explains the process of creating custom cast glass architectural panels – from consultation, to concept design, through the full process of creation. (25 mins)


Artist TALKS

These artists have created live scheduled talks for you to enjoy. After each talk, a recording of the talk will be posted in the section below. All artists are exhibiting artists in the 2020 show.

Monday, July 27, 2-3pm - LIVING WITH YOUR NEW ART - Shannon Lee Rae

This talk, given by SFAS’s Design Team Lead, Shannon Lee Rae (also an exhibiting artist in this year’s show), covered good practices for hanging art in your home:

Tuesday July 28, 2-3pm - Artz4Kidz Talk: Where do your ideas come from? - Catherine Fraser

For our ‘Artz4Kidz’ day, Catherine discussed “Creativity in Art – a young person’s perspective”. A recording of the talk can be seen below. For a list of the books mentioned in this talk, please scroll down below the video.


  • “Drawing with Children: Creative teachings and learning method that works for adults too”, by Mona Brooks – 1986 and revised edition 1996 
  • “Drawing With Older Children and Teens”, by Mona Brooks, 1991
  • “Discovering The Inner Eye”, by Virginia Cobb, 1988
  • “Trust The Process An Artist’s Guide To Letting Go”, by Shawn McNiff, 1998
  • “Imagination In Action Secrets For Unleashing Creative Expression”, by Shawn McNiff, 2015
  • “Art Heals. How Creativity Cures The Soul”, by Shawn McNiff, 2004
  • “Painting The Spirit Of Nature”, by Maxine Masterfield, 1996
  • “In Harmony with Nature”, by Maxine Masterfield, 1990
  • “The Creative Eye: Drawing, vision and the brain, revisited”, by Heather Spears, 2020
Wednesday July 29, 2-3pm - Smoke & Charcoal Underpainting - Catherine Fraser
In this talk, as a special presentation for ‘Seniors’ Tea’, Catherine explained her smoke & charcoal underpainting technique.

Thursday July 30, 2-3pm - Seniors' Tea Talk: Capturing Uluru - mary e coakley
Join photographer mary e coakley via Zoom and explore the great continent of Australia. Mary’s slide show will take you on an outback walkabout featuring Uluru and other incredible geological landscapes, sacred Aboriginie sites, flora and fauna and a few learning moments of her photography process:

Friday July 31, 2-3pm - Creating Custom Glass Panels - Bill Jamieson

Listen in as Glass Artist Bill Jamieson explains the process of creating custom cast glass panels – from consultation, to concept design, through the full process of creation.

Saturday August 1, 2-3pm - Weaving Art from Nature - Lydia Miller

Lydia is a Fibre Artist who focuses mainly on weaving in 3D. When sculptures are being formed, she collects material from her direct surroundings; wood, plant matter, animal matter, etc. Lydia explains how forms take shape throughout her process, and how the materials naturally play off of each other with her subtle manipulations to guide them. Lydia encourages conversation to the issues that inform and inspire her practice, specifically social and environmental justice, and the responses that are evoked by her sculptures.

Lydia also refers to the following links in her talk: her website, her exhibition in the Kootenay Gallery.