Guidelines for Proper Hanging

The presentation of your artwork is as important as your art. It is an integral part of its design. Exhibiting 2D artists must ensure that artwork adheres to the following requirements:

  • Each piece must be completely finished, fully cured, and ready for installation/display.
  • Exposed sides of unframed canvases must be finished – either painted or taped.
  • Frames for artwork must be tasteful, clean and of a professional calibre.
  • Framing mats should be clean and professionally cut. If you sign and/or number the mat, also make sure to sign and/or number the back of the piece.
  • An acid-free mat or spacer should be used for any artwork under glass, as it should not touch the glass.
  • Each 2D piece must be wired securely and appropriately, using D-rings with screws and wire of suitable gauge. Sawtooth hangers or V-clips are not acceptable. (See Illustrations of Acceptable Hardware for images & recommended procedure).
  • Canvases that are 3/4″ or less must be framed or will not be accepted (industry standard).

The SFAS Design Team has created this video to help describe best hanging practices: