Participating Artists

Listed below are teaser images of some pieces that were up for bid in the Art Auction Gala on November 10, 2018. Each participating artist was an award-winner at the Sooke Fine Arts Show at one or more shows over the past 20 years.

Please Note: Each image represents only a portion of the whole artwork!

Seth Berkowitz_Empty Windows #4_TEASER

Seth Berkowitz

Leonard Butt_Unspoken Connectio_TEASER

Leonard Butt

Debbie Clarkston_Kerrera Ram_TEASER

Debbie Clarkston

Maggie Cole_Green Drifting Over Blue_TEASER

Maggie Cole


Emrys Damon Miller

Jerry Davidson_Bad Timing_TEASER

Jerry Davidson

Vincent Fe_Architechtural Teapot#8_1_TEASER

Vincent Fe

Andrew Fortune_Washington Horse_TEASER

 Andrew Fortune

Pavel Francev_Dog With Hare_TEASER

Pavel Francev


Jane Francis

Joanne Giesbrecht_Salmon Fishing_TEASER

Joanne Giesbrecht

Nirmala Greenwall_Tide's Out_TEASER

Nirmala Greenwell

Leslie Gregory Morgan_Life As I See It_TEASER

L. Gregory Morgan

John Grey-Noble_Pond Reflections_TEASER

John Grey Noble

Dorothy Haegert_TEASER

Dorothy Haegert

Bryan Harvey_Clivia-Sookei_TEASER

Bryan Harvey

Eliza Hemingway_Polka Dots on the Rocks_TEASER

Eliza Hemingway

J Hildebrand - Gatherin_TEASER

Jenny Hildebrand

Huneck_Genesis Landscape- the forest floo_TEASER

Louise Huneck

Igonova Tulips_TEASER

Evguenia Ioganov

Patrick Irwin_Whale Road1_TEASER

Patrick Irwin (In Mem)

Bonnie Laird_Rising_TEASER

Bonnie Laird

Rosalie Matchett_Swing, 24x36, Encaustic on birch panel_TEASER

Rosalie Matchett

Ken Mcallister_ Jonhson Street Bridge_TEASER

Ken McAllister

McCallum_Inanna Rise_TEASER

Patrick McCallum

Judy Mclaren_Rocks and Reflections_TEASER

Judy McLaren

Edith Newman_TEASER

Edith & Carey Newman

Rob Owen_Ancient Fisher_TEASER

Rob Owen

Lucy Schappy_Mana_TEASER

Lucy Schappy

Roy Smardon_Bicycle For Two_TEASER

Roy Smardon

M.E Sparks_PaperMoon2017_TEASER

M.E Sparks

Mia Tremblay_Two Looking Over Yo_TEASER

Mia Tremblay

Jennifer Waelti Walters_Pic 2 joy ride II_TEASER

Jenny Waelti-Walters

Michele Waters_True Livelihood_TEASER

Michele Waters

Grant Watson_Pilgrim's Pride _TEASER

Grant Watson

Margo Zak_Ptarmigan Cirque Vase Form_TEASER

Margo Zak