Below are links to the 2020 Guidelines. It is essential that all artists read the Submission Guidelines prior to submitting. For a printable, PDF version of the Submission Guidelines, click on the thumbnail below.

Please note that the current 2020 Exhibition & Gift Shop Guidelines are no longer applicable to a Virtual Show. More updates on exhibiting within a virtual show will be provided here soon.


The show welcomes artists resident (full-time and part-time) on any of BC’s coastal islands, including Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands and Haida Gwaii. Approximately 380 pieces in a variety of mediums will be chosen by our jurors for exhibition.

All artwork must be of a high calibre and display a good understanding of the chosen medium. Artwork must be the *original creation of the artist, with an emphasis on technical ability as well as artistic accomplishment. Work that is inventive, displays creativity and shows fresh perspective is encouraged.


All artwork submitted will be categorized according to medium for the jurors’ review. The volunteer SFAS Adjudication Committee has final authority as to which category a work is most suited.

  • 2D – Includes all media (excluding Photography – see below) on board, canvas or paper, excluding giclée reproductions, which are not accepted.
  • 3D Sculpture –  Three dimensional, functional or sculptural work of any material(s), excluding clay or glass (see below).
  • Photography – Categorized by type of archival print process used i.e: either Traditional Archival Print (silver gelatine) or Digital Archival Print. Photographs are only accepted as limited edition prints, restricted to runs of 25 or less, and upon acceptance, accompanied by Certificates of Authenticity specifying each print’s limited edition number. Traditional photographic and digital images that have been altered via digital software or other means must state “creatively altered”. Artists can only alter their own original photographs.
  • Jewellery –  Artists must indicate hand-fabricated materials in the “medium and substrate” field of the online submission form.
  • Ceramic –  Functional or sculptural work where the primary material is clay.
  • Glass –  Functional and sculptural work where the primary material is glass that has been hand-formed, handworked, handblown or handcast.
  • Fibre –  Wall hangings, quilts, rugs, wearable work etc., where the primary material is fibre.


  • Online Submission: February 12 – midnight* June 1, 2020 
  • Submission Fees Received by: midnight* June 1, 2020
  • Notification of Accepted Art: June 11, 2020 by 5pm

*NOTE:  SFAS Support for submissions will not be available after 4:00pm on Monday June 1. Online submissions will, however, remain open until midnight. The June 1 deadline is final. Late image submissions will not be accepted.


  • Up to three pieces per artist may be submitted. (Diptychs or triptychs are considered one piece). Submission fees are $15 per piece and are not refundable after submissions have closed.
  • Artwork must be the original creation of the artist. See “Copyright Guidelines” below.
  • Maximum size for 2D artwork (including diptychs and triptychs) is 7’ 6” x 7’ 6” (228cm x 228cm). For 3D works, a maximum of 9’ 0” (108” or 274cm) in height applies. 
  • Artwork must be completed in the last 18 months, and not have been shown locally in another major, juried art show on Vancouver Island. 
  • The Sooke Fine Arts show is both an exhibition and a sale. Artwork must be available for sale at a fair market price (minimum price $350).
  • Limited Editions: photographic prints and 3-D cast work (from artist’s originals) are accepted for adjudication in limited editions of not more than 25. Such work must be annotated with limited edition number, run and process i.e. 2/25, silver gelatine/bronze/cold cast bronze, etc. and must be accompanied by Certificates of Authenticity upon delivery (i.e it is not required at the submission stage). This also applies to work created on a 3-D printer (see computer generated note below). A piece from a limited edition run will be accepted once for showing at any Sooke Fine Arts Show.
  • Hand-pulled engravings, lithographs and etchings are accepted for adjudication, in limited editions of not more than 30, accompanied by Certificates of Authenticity upon delivery.
  • Computer-generated artwork must be entirely original and/or created from artist’s original work. 
  • The Sooke Fine Arts Show respects the cultural rights of Indigenous Peoples. It is requested that artists’ work be culturally appropriate in its content and that artists are authorized to use and can provide proof of permission to use Indigenous Peoples motifs/designs in their work.
  • Reproductions and copies of 2D work (such as giclées/inkjet/archival ink) will not be accepted for adjudication.  
  • Work created within workshops/classrooms will not be accepted for adjudication.


Artists must ensure that their work does not infringe on any copyright. Artwork derived from the work of another artist is not permissible, unless it can be considered “transformative” – demonstrating a significant creative departure from the original (i.e: new expression, meaning or message).

All artists should familiarize themselves with copyright laws and the concepts of derivative and transformative art. See Information on Copyright & Derivative for the Artist for more. If you are still unsure whether or not your work would be eligible, please email the SFAS office well in advance of the submission deadline.

The Sooke Fine Arts Society retains the right to remove any artwork from adjudication that may contravene copyright laws or show standards. The SFAS also retains the right to refuse eligibility for any artist that has violated or not adhered to SFAS guidelines.


Image quality:

  • Use plain or neutral backgrounds.
  • Must be clearly focused, well-lit and properly exposed.
  • Artists may be asked to submit new pictures if images are of poor quality.
  • All images MUST give as close a representation of the work as possible in terms of colour and detail. Artwork that does not conform to the submission image may be refused.
  • When possible, please obscure visible signatures on artwork, as jurying is done anonymously.

Number of images:

  • Up to two (2) images: 2D, Photography, Fibre, Jewellery
  • Up to three (3) images: 3D, Glass / Ceramic
  • Note: it is recommended to include something
    for scale in one of the 3D images.

 Image specifications:

  • At least 1500 pixels on one side
  • Maximum 4MB
  • In jpg/jpeg format
  • Note: Frames do not need to be included 
in the image.


Contact Information: Artist’s name, telephone number, and website or email (one of which will appear in the show catalogue). Please enter carefully and check for accuracy – especially emails.
Category: see Media Categories above. SFAS may re-categorize artwork prior to adjudication.
Medium and Substrate: a brief explanation of the techniques and primary artistic materials (i.e. oil, acrylic, watercolour, ceramic, glass, gold leaf, sterling silver, etc.) and the substrate or base materials, if any (i.e. canvas, steel, wood panel, rice paper, silk, etc.). * For Jewellery, artists must indicate all hand-fabricated materials. ** For Photography, artists must include: the type of archival print process used (only archival prints are accepted) plus the number and limited edition run (i.e. 3/25) along with any development/printing techniques (i.e. platinum print, Chromogenic, Daguerreotypes, etc) and creative alterations. For creatively altered photographs, artists must advise how their artwork was altered, i.e. whether digitally altered, used as a base/foundation, etc.
Dimensions: Measurements of the artwork in inches, in two or three dimensions, as appropriate.
Price: The sale price of the artwork at the Sooke Fine Arts Show, with a minimum of $350. All artwork submitted will be for sale. Artists are asked to consider the following when setting their price:

  • Cost of materials
  • Originality/uniqueness of concept
  • Creative time invested
  • Framing /presentation costs
  • Submission and exhibition fees
  • 30% commission fee
  • Shipping costs (if applicable) n/a for a Virtual Show. We are currently looking into arranging shipping through SFAS. Stay tuned.

Optional Description: One way to engage jurors and create a positive connection with a particular artwork is to provide information about process, technique, inspiration, background, etc. The optional description field allows for up to 50 words. For more information on writing an effective description, please refer to our FAQ.
Note: The optional description is not seen on the art label if the piece is chosen for exhibition. 
If accepted, more information about a piece can be included with the artist’s bio.


  • Changes to Entries: There will not be any opportunity to make changes to submission entries after June 1, 2020.
  • Please keep in mind that the finishing and framing of your artwork is an important part of the overall presentation of your piece.
  • A Submission Requirements Checklist is provided on our website to help artists ensure all requirements for submission have been met.


An independent panel of three jurors is selected each year to review submissions and select pieces to be exhibited in the Sooke Fine Arts Show.  Jurors are professionals in their fields, and may include curators, gallery owners, educators and established artists. The jurying process is anonymous. Jurors see submission images, titles, medium, substrate, piece size, and optional description and submissions are displayed in random order.


Artists will be notified by email June 11, 2020 once jurying is complete. Please add to your known sender list to ensure the email is not flagged as spam. The list of accepted artists will also be available online by 5pm on June 11.

Artwork not selected in a given year, if created within the 18-month time limit, can be submitted again the following year for evaluation by the new panel of jurors. Submitting artists who’s work is not accepted will be allowed one complimentary entry. Ask at the door.


Awards are presented at the Artists Celebration held Saturday, July 25, 2020 from 7 – 10 pm (except for People’s and Children’s Choice Awards which are awarded at the conclusion of the Show).

Awards of Excellence (eight awards)    $1000 ea
Juror’s Choice (three awards)      $500 ea
Design Committee Choice      $500
Jan Johnson Memorial Award for Social Commentary      $500
District of Sooke Award      $500
People’s Choice      $500
Children’s Choice      $250
Honourable Mentions (five awards)  ••••••••••    $100 ea

When you are ready to submit, click here to access the submission system.

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