Frequently Asked Questions

We are building the Virtual Show FAQ as we adapt to our changing situation. Please send us your questions and we’ll do our best to answer them and update this page as we go. Thank you for your patience while we figure out the details!

What will a virtual show look like?

Good question! We’re working on ways to incorporate various aspects of the existing show format. Thank you for your patience while we figure out the details.

Is this your new format now, or will you go back to a live show?

We are fully planning to return to our live format in 2021 and onwards. We are also imagining that our new website and online efforts this year will augment our live show format going forward.

Do I need to wait for the new website to be up before submitting?

No – you can submit now through the separate submission system until the June 1st deadline. Our web designers are working hard in the background to set up the new site, and there’s lots to do! So we very likely won’t be able to post the new site until after the submission deadline…so don’t wait!

Will there be a gift shop?

Unfortunately, a gift shop will not be part of the 2020 virtual show.

Will you charge artist fees for the virtual show?

There will still be a $15 submission fee per piece. However, given our new format, there will not be a $40 exhibition fee per accepted piece.

What is the commission fee for art sales in the virtual show?

The Sooke Fine Arts Society will be maintaining a 30% commission on the sale of pieces accepted into the show. We recommend artists set the price of their work with this in mind.

Without a physical show, why is SFAS even charging fees?

Although we do not have venue rental & vendor costs this year, there are many other ongoing, year-round operational costs associated with producing a show of this size and quality. This year, we have additional costs associated with redeveloping our website, as well as significantly reduced revenues from sources like admission, the gift shop and sponsorships. We are a not-for-profit organization and we need to carefully balance all these factors to make sure that we are able to sustain our organization and therefore continue to support artists in our community.

How long will the art be for sale online?

In order to provide increased exposure to the exhibited artworks, we will be extending access to the sales portion of the website until the end of September. All other aspects of the virtual show will keep to the prescribed time period of July 24 – August 3.

What if my work is accepted, but I want to submit my work to another show before the end of September?

The extended sale is for the artist’s benefit, to allow for increased exposure to potential purchasers. However, if you need to submit your artwork to another show, you can request to have the piece removed after the 11-day show window of July 24 – August 3.

Will I need to drop my piece off in Sooke at any point?

All jurying and award selection will occur online, and shipping of sold pieces will be arranged either from the artist’s home, or a central hub. We may also be looking at the option of using Sooke as a shipping hub later in the year for some pieces, if needed.

How will shipping be managed?

We have been busily working on our shipping procedure, and although nothing is confirmed yet, here’s what we are setting up: The shipping fee will be added on top of the sale price, and pickup/delivery arrangements will be made by SFAS through our UPS account.

We are also looking at these alternate cost-effective delivery options:
– artist offers local delivery (through artist agreement)
– purchaser can pickup from artist’s studio (through artist agreement)
– SFAS provides a “hub” in Sooke for delivery/pickup
– an SFAS mobile rep can do the pickup/delivery

We will keep exploring the possibility of these options and will be getting in touch with accepted artists after adjudication to follow up.

Will people still be able to vote on their favourite pieces?

Yes! We are looking into a number of web tools that will be able to make that happen.

Will there still be awards?

Yes! It is important to us to recognize outstanding artists.
The following awards will be selected for the 2020 show:

  • 8 x Awards of Excellence – $1000 each
  • 3 x Juror’s Choice Awards – $500 each
  • 1 x Design Committee Choice Award – $500
  • 1 x Jan Johnson Memorial Award for Social Commentary – $500
  • 1 x District of Sooke Award – $500
  • 5 x Honourable Mention Awards – $100 each
  • 1 x People’s Choice Award – $500

Can I resubmit the same piece next year?

Given the unusual circumstances this year, artists will have the option to resubmit artwork submitted to the 2020 virtual show for consideration for the 2021 show.

Please Note: Acceptance into the 2020 virtual show does not guarantee acceptance into the 2021 show. Next year will be a new show with a new submission call and new jurors. Normally artists would not have the option to resubmit an accepted piece, but we recognize it is important to make allowances under extraordinary circumstances.

I submitted to the 2020 show before it went virtual. Do I need to resubmit?

No, all 2020 submissions apply towards the virtual format.

I usually pay my submission fee in person. Can I still do that this year?

We are currently working remotely and do not have easy access to the office.
However, we can still:

  • process credit card payments over the phone
    (please email us for instructions)
  • receive cash or cheque payments by mail
    Our mailing address is: PO Box 471, Sooke, BC, V9Z 1H4

Isn’t it better if the artwork is viewed live?

We know a lot of artists and visitors prefer to view art in person, and it’s important to us too! A unique connection happens when you’re standing in front of a piece. We absolutely plan to return to the live format next year, but a virtual show is one way for us to keep supporting artists during this challenging time.

How will a virtual show benefit me as an artist?

– increased exposure to art lovers & purchasers worldwide
– increased exposure from extended sale – until the end of September
– no hanging/exhibition fees this year
– reduced transportation fees for dropping off/picking up artwork
– the opportunity to be involved in our new way of showcasing art

Does my piece need to be framed for submission?

2D and Photography pieces do not need to be framed for submission, and in fact it is preferred that the submission image be focussed on the art itself, without the frame, glass etc., so that the jurors can get the best view of your artistic skill.

However, if the final piece will be framed, then we ask that you include the final dimensions in the submission details. If the piece is then accepted, SFAS reps will be contacting accepted artists and asking for an image of the final piece, framed, so that a potential purchaser can get a proper view of the completed piece. Both images will then be included online.

Since we will not be seeing all the pieces in person this year, we will also be clarifying framing with all accepted 2D & Photography artists following adjudication. 

How will image security for accepted works be handled?

We have consulted with various online galleries and photographers in terms of how they handle image security. In general: the resolution of the image will be low enough that if someone wanted to enlarge it to print for their wall, the quality would not be useable. Most galleries do not use watermarks for that reason.

Do I need to provide a Certificate of Authenticity with my submission?

No, a Certificate of Authenticity (especially for limited editions) is not required at the submission stage, but will be expected to be shipped with the purchased piece. 

Will visitors get a true view of my artwork online?

We will review all accepted artwork images to ensure they are optimized for online viewing. Please note, we recommend that all submitting artists ensure their submission images are high-quality and match the original colour as much as possible.

Will there be an auction or raffle?

There will not be a raffle this year, but we are investigating how an auction might work with the tools available to us. If you would like to donate an auction piece to the show, please contact us.