Frequently Asked Questions

Note as of April 1, 2020: We are working on a new FAQ in light of the 2020 plan to move towards a Virtual Show. Stay tuned and check back here soon!

When is the Call to Artists deadline?

The Sooke Fine Arts Show Call to Artists closes at midnight, Monday June 1, 2020. There will be no extensions. Please note that support for submissions will not be available after 4:00pm. Artists needing assistance with their submissions must contact the Sooke Fine Arts office well in advance of the deadline.

Where can I find more information about the submission process?

You can find all the details about the submission and adjudication process, criteria for artwork and important dates in our 2020 Submission Guidelines. Information about what to expect if your work is accepted into the show can be found in our 2020 Exhibition Guidelines.

Is there a minimum price for artwork?

Yes. The Sooke Fine Arts Society asks artists price their work at a minimum of $350. Like any Gallery, there are fees and commissions associated with the show and sale of artwork. Artists are asked to consider in their determination of price any and all additional costs, including time, artistic process, materials, framing costs, mileage, courier services, registration fees and hanging fees for the Show. If you have questions about pricing your work or factoring in such costs, please contact our office: or 250-642-7256.

How can I learn more about Copyright?

It is important that every artist understand Copyright. Click here for a more information.

What is meant by “Derivative”?

Derivative refers to work that is based upon one or more preexisting works by another artist. Work that is derivative will not be accepted, and furthermore could subject an artist to liability under copyright law. Click here for a more information.

I submitted a piece last year and it was not selected – can I submit the same piece again?

As long as the piece was completed within the 18 months prior to our Call to Artists, and has not been shown in any other major, juried shows on Vancouver Island, it can be submitted. Since our jury panel changes each year, a piece not accepted one year may very well be selected the following.

Do I have to frame my 2D piece for online adjudication?

There is no requirement to show the frame in the images submitted for adjudication. This will allow 2D pieces to be scanned in a flatbed scanner for high-quality images. However, artwork selected for the Show is expected to meet Gallery standards of display, be tastefully framed and of a professional calibre. It is recommended that your work be professionally framed so that there are no paint splatters, poorly joined edges, etc. Proper framing and display can significantly enhance the saleability of your work. Any framing that does not meet show standards may be refused.

I want to submit a digital photograph for adjudication in the Photography category, can I submit the original jpg image, or do I have to print it and take a photograph of that?

The original digital photograph can be submitted. Please refer to size specifications in the 2020 Submission Guidelines.

I don’t have a digital camera. What should I do?

We recommend contacting a professional photographer or asking family or friends to help you photograph your artwork. All images must be in jpg/jpeg format, and at least 1500 pixels on one side. Images cannot exceed 4Mb.

Once you have access to a camera, check out our resource page on Photographing Artwork for tips and tricks on getting a clear, representative image of your artwork.  There are also a number of helpful online video tutorials. For example, Otis College of Art and Design has an excellent video of faculty member Chris Warner demonstrating how to photograph your 2D works.

How many images can I submit for each of my pieces?

Pieces in 3D and Glass/Ceramic are allowed up to three (3) images. All other categories are allowed up to two (2) images—one overall shot and one optional detail shot.

Will the pictures be big enough to give Jurors a good look at my work?

Yes, Jurors can magnify the images to see fine detail and texture. This is why we ask images be a minimum of 1500 pixels to preserve details in your work.

The system says my image is too small to submit. What do I do?

Images of your artwork must be at least 1500 pixels on one side. This ensures your work is of optimal size for jurors to examine during online adjudication. Adjust the size of your photograph in Adobe, Preview, Photoshop or other image program, by fixing the largest measurement at 1500 pixels, then save and submit it.

The system says my image is too big to submit. What do I do?

Images cannot exceed a maximum of 4MB, but the system will optimize images that are close to that size. If the system tells you the image is too big, please save a smaller version of your image, and then upload again. You can adjust the size of your photograph in Adobe, Preview, Photoshop or other image program.

I might want to submit more pieces, but registered for just one. How can I add submissions to my account?

Return to your submissions by following the link emailed to you after registration. The “change number of items” option is at the bottom of the page. However, if you have finalized a submission and want to add additional images or additional pieces for adjudication, please call our office at 250-642-7256 and we will give you a hand.

My work is not finished yet, but it will be. Can I upload the unfinished piece?

No. Work submitted for adjudication must be ready for hanging. We recommend finishing your piece before the Call to Artists ends. If artwork selected for the Show arrives as something other than what was submitted for adjudication, the Sooke Fine Arts Society reserves the right to decline the artwork without refund.

What is acceptable hardware for hanging artwork?

For details on what is considered acceptable hardware for hanging artwork, please refer to this pdf.

Can I make changes to my submission after it has been accepted?

No changes will be accepted after June 1, 2020.

How do I determine the right price for my piece?

Only the artist can properly assess the value of their work. However we recommend artists consider the following when setting their price:  their time, artistic process, materials, submission and exhibition fees, cost of framing / presentation, and commission fees.

What about taxes on fees or sales?

All submission and exhibition fees include applicable taxes. Applicable taxes on artwork sold at the Sooke Fine Arts Show are added to the price set by the artist; the Sooke Fine Arts Society collects and remits these taxes on behalf of the artist. Taxes do not affect the commission.

I only live on Vancouver Island part of the year. Can I still submit my work to the Sooke Fine Arts Show?

Yes, part-time residents on any of BC’s coastal islands, including Vancouver Island, are eligible to submit to the show. However,  you must provide your local address when registering.

What are the chances my work will be accepted?

There is no way to know in advance which pieces, or even which kinds of pieces, will be accepted. We receive a wide range of submissions in all categories, and each year an independent panel of three new jurors are invited to review all the submissions to select the pieces that will appear in the show. Due to space limitations, we can only accept approximately 380 pieces into the show. Because the jurors change from year to year, there is truly no way to know which pieces they will select.

If my piece is not accepted one year, can I submit it again the following year?

As long as the work has been completed within 18 months of the next Call to Artists date, then you can most certainly submit it a second time. Because the jurors change each year, with different backgrounds and new points of view (and a whole new pool of submissions to choose from) a piece that is not accepted one year may very well be selected the following year.

Does my Digital Art qualify?

Computer-generated artwork is acceptable, but must be entirely original and/or created from the artist’s original work.

What is meant by “Archival”?

Archival refers to the use of certified materials in the creation of a piece to ensure durability. Art buyers are expecting fine art. Using archival materials reflects a commitment to the buyer that your piece will last. Only archival photographic prints will be accepted into the show. If you are unsure whether or not the printing process you will be using to create your photograph involves archival inks, contact your printshop.

What is a “Certificate of Authenticity”?

A Certificate of Authenticity is a signed document that acts as proof of an artwork’s genuineness and verifies the print number and print run in a limited edition. A certificate infers integrity in the artist’s process and might contain information such as title, medium, date, signature, etc., which might make a potential art purchaser more inclined to purchase. Please refer to this fillable Certificate of Authenticity (PDF) template for reference and use.